Samsung’s Smaller Folding Phone 2020


Samsung’s Smaller Folding Phone 2020

The attentions are currently focused on the Samsung Square Foldable Smartphone. The new part of Samsung should be prepared for the year 2020.

Sources from Bloomberg have reported that the Samsung manufacturers are working on a new foldable smartphone.


The new design is expected with great excitement

The display of the new Samsung Folding model should come out in 2020 with a 6.7-inch screen. In addition, it appears that the front of the unit will be equipped with a single camera hole. The remaining two cameras will have to find space on the back. Among the major differences in 2020 compared to the Galaxy Fold, include the compactness and shape of the new Samsung Fold, which folds into a square. Facing the big fold, this would fit better in the pocket, as well as in hand.

Thanks to Bloomberg, it has also become known that the Samsung company has teamed up with American designer Thom Browne to get the best design for their new smartphone. However, one thing is risky in 2020, namely the fact that the inner display uses Ultra Thin Glass (UTG). This is used under normal circumstances to protect smartphone screens. It is a bit disturbing that the glass used is only 3% of the thickness of the display and therefore does not look very stable.

With the Galaxy Fold, Samsung had made its first entry into the market for foldable smartphones. However, the device came with its 7.3-inch screen and the ugly hinge to the users a bit clunky. The ability of the Samsung Fold to fold like a book makes it feel that way. This means that it does not feel like a smartphone, but feels like a book. The current fold of Samsung is simply too thick and heavy at the same time. According to Bloomberg, the company should be aware of this and fix it in 2020.

Unfortunately, it is still not clear whether the improved Fold, 2020 will actually be released.

According to Bloomberg, the release of Samsung’s new Fold Smartpone depends on whether the current Samsung Galaxy Fold is well received by the market.

Information about the new Samsung 2020

The Samsung manufacturer made a lot of statements about the future of its devices at the Samsung Developer Conference. The most important one was the unveiling of the new foldable design. This revelation was expressed through a video. Among them was the Future 2020 design of the new Samsung Fold. On the video was the transition to folded down smartphone see, so the newly planned concept of fold design.

According to unofficial claims, we have learned that the new Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will have a square design. This should be designed in clamshell style. Definitely, however, this will be in 2020, a narrow vertical design in the modern style and design will have. The rest of the conference dealt mainly with foldable devices. Among other things, was also considered about possible extensions or improvements of the Galaxy Fold. Among them are some extensions of the One UI.