Skype Free Download 2016


Skype Free Download 2016

Convincing arguments for “Skype” is good voice quality and secure connections. The software also works behind firewalls and routers – without additional configuration. Negative: Customers who use the free will service has recently suffered with banners.

With “Skype Free Download 2016” You make calls over the Internet. Webcam can be on the free service of Microsoft even make video calls and conferences. With your contacts “Skype” and “Facebook” -Amis you can chat and exchange files too. All calls within the “Skype 2016” network are free; for calls to landlines or mobile numbers costs are due. If you already have a Facebook or Microsoft account (Hotmail, Live Messenger or, you can start immediately “Skype Download 2016”; A separate registration is not required.

With Skype Free Download 2016 you can make Internet calls, chat and see each other here

Skype has become much more than a “simple” VoIP phone. Especially practical is the screen sharing function that allows you to view the desktop of your interlocutor. Who wants, can of course also use “Skype Free” Download 2016 to talk with friends.


The integrated video conferencing system allows you simultaneously with up to nine other people to make calls. The only catch: The group video call can only test for seven days free. Subsequently individual video calls are possible.

For some time, but you have unlimited free video messages to send to your contacts and receive video messages, even when you are not online opportunity.

Skype Free Download 2016: professional features what price

With users “SkypeOut” can inexpensively make calls to landlines in many countries. And “SkypeIn” To set up a personal phone number where you can be reached worldwide. These two functions are in contrast to the other program, however, to have only silver; the same for the integrated answering machine for some time.