TeamSpeak 3 – 2016

TeamSpeak 3 - 2016


TeamSpeak 3 – 2016

The free “TeamSpeak 2016” software in version 3 you communicate during online games with your fellow players via headset.

With the freeware “TeamSpeak 3” – 2016 They also remain in the hottest online battles with your fellow players via headset connected. So you know, for example, at a tactical shooter at any time exactly where your friends are.

“TS3” uses the codec CELP, GSM and Speex, the / s provide bandwidth of 5.1 kbit up to 25.9 Kbit / s. Thus, the online connection is protected, without having to accept losses in voice quality.

With “TeamSpeak 2016”

They occur during online games with friends in touch. To do this, first select one of the many servers. After entering a chat room you also going on already. Per headset you communicate with other players. TeamSpeak 3 – 2016 To schedule example attacks on enemy troops or enter your location by the game. In addition, the software offers some useful features are released. So the program includes an address book where you can manage your contacts and servers as well as a whisper function. “Download TeamSpeak 3” works with codecs such as CELP, GSM and Speex.


In order to use “Download TeamSpeak 2016” you have to log in to the client software on a TeamSpeak server. Of course you can also set up your own server. This conveniently manage via a web interface.

TeamSpeak 3 – 2016 Numerous features such as an address book for managing multiple servers or the Whisper function can hardly be desired. Unfortunately, this free tool is not currently compatible with VoIP telephony. To use the Freeware “Free TeamSpeak” properly, you need a headset or microphone and speakers.