The 10 Best Smartphone Deals

The 10 Best Smartphone Deals
The 10 Best Smartphone Deals

The 10 Best Smartphone Deals

Stiftung Warentest examined from 101 tested smartphones from the best units for price-conscious buyers. It turns out that especially previous models are real bargains, but also two newer smartphones are in the top tenth.

Stiftung Warentest tested regularly smartphones since the summer 2014th By the end so a total of 101 units have been tested. While it is interesting to note that current models have received the best reviews, but new smart phones are not necessarily the best. The foundation has all the 101 devices tested and compared determined in the current issue of the magazine “test”, among other things, offer which phones the best price-performance ratio.

Place 10 of bargain-top 10 is the Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo. It is a published in October this year scaled-down edition of the 2014er flagship Galaxy S5. Because Samsung in this release on Fingerprint Sensor, dispensed infrared port and other extras that it is to have from 300 euros, but otherwise offers most of the advantages of the strong role model. Warentest certifies him a particularly good battery life.

Middle class in metal dress

The 9th Place could conquer the Samsung Galaxy A3. criticized in his test in February still the relatively high price of mid-range device in metallic dress. But now it is offered online starting at 170 euros, which certainly makes it despite a not too sharp screens at a price-performance tip.

Technically slightly more equipped the big brother Samsung Galaxy A5 is also in the ranking of Stiftung Warentest before A3. Its display is larger and has a higher resolution, also offers the A5 more memory and a higher battery capacity. Internet stores sell it already for 245 euros.

The only non-Android smartphone under the value-for-winners is the Nokia Lumia 830 at No. 7. Microsoft has released the smartphone Although already presented at IFA 2014, but it is one of the candidates, who will receive an update to Windows 10 beginning of 2016. , The device has a beautiful 5-inch screen and a decent camera. Its battery can be replaced and his 16-gigabyte memory is expandable with microSD cards. 290 euro are a fair price for the device.

Flashed Selfies for 180 euros

The Samsung Galaxy J5 is a new mid-range smartphone. It makes loud Warentest good photos and has a long battery life. A special feature is the flash for the front camera, which is still possible even at low light beautiful Selfies. Online it only costs a whopping 180 euros – a deserved 6th place in the value charts.

In fifth place is a very popular smartphone in Germany is: the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini. In July 2014, the unit still cost 450 euros, now it is to have from 235 euros. There has, inter alia, a fingerprint scanner in the home button, a heart rate monitor in addition to the camera and a 4.5 inch screen with a pixel density of 326 ppi good. Moreover, it is dust and water resistant.

HTC-Oldie no old iron

The HTC One M8 could inspire in spring 2014 with its great design, a gorgeous display, plenty of power and an exceptional camera. The smartphone is indeed already one and a half years old, but it will get in the coming weeks an update to Android 6, which is why the pretty metal cell phone for a long time does not belong on the scrap heap. Its price: 350 euros.

The LG g4c is a smaller and weaker-equipped 5-inch version of the LG G4. Third-placed device shines with the best score in the battery runtime and otherwise provides a consistently solid performance. In addition, it is extremely low with prices under 170 euros. The smartphone is not led by many retailers and seems to disappear from the camps again.

Galaxy S5 dominated

Before the small G4 derivative lies on the silver medal last year’s LG flagship G3 in the 16-gigabyte version. It has a very high-resolution qHD display, a prima camera and a powerful processor. In the test of the battery performance of the G4 initially disappointed, but LG improved with an update and after Stiftung Warentest counts the smartphone now become one of the most enduring devices. With around 280 Euros, it offers an excellent price-performance ratio.

At No. 1 but also sits in this category over the one and a half year old Samsung Galaxy S5, that is with an overall score of 1.8 also remains the best rated smart phone at Stiftung Warentest. For devices with the longest battery life, it took second place in the camera comparison 8th place directly behind the most current top smartphones. Its battery is replaceable and the housing dust and waterproof. Even the Galaxy S5 is a candidate for Android 6, but only next spring.