The payment card comes in 2016 on your mobile phone

Users need their own SIM

Only works for Android smartphones The ATM card is on Austrian Android phones. Heuer there was already a suitable pilot projects supplier of the Maestro (MasterCard), 2016, it will be for regular operation. Interested need to download an application, the control function to their bank and ask for a new SIM card from your network operator.

The onboard network operators

Mobile ATM card is under rushes A1, T-Mobile Austria and Three, MasterCard said Wednesday. The exchange of the SIM card is free, said a spokesman for Telekom Austria on request APA. For Apple phones there is no mobile ATM card.

The payment process works as with a conventional credit card with the contactless function. For a remote telephone numbers of two to four centimeters contactless reader terminals must be maintained. Enter a PIN code is required only from the amount of 25 euros.