Thunderbird Download 2020


Thunderbird Download 2020

Download Mozilla Thunderbird 2020 is a free e-mail client, an e-mail administration program. It lets you manage as many email accounts as you’d like. With its extension possibility by any Plugins it is very flexible and can repair all missing functions in its function range.


Thunderbird 2020 Download is a far better choice as an administration app of your news, compared to Windows Mail, as it is only available online. This means you will not have access to your messages on Windows Mail if you do not currently have an active Internet connection. Thunderbird 2020 will enable you to search for an attachment that you had received a few weeks earlier.

Thunderbird 2020 features

Because Thunderbird Download 2020 allows you to back up all your messages on your PC to a location of your choice, as they will also have access to deleted messages that you may want to later recall.

Thunderbird 2020 supports many calendars and also serves as an appointment calendar, as it also helps to keep track of your appointments. The program has an RSS reader, so you can see the headlines at a glance, which saves you a lot of time and effort. So Thunderbird 2020 is extremely useful if you want to see your appointments, emails and curiosity about the latest at a glance.

Installing Thunderbird Download 2020 is relatively easy, you just need to enter your address, the software will automatically select the settings that suit you.

If you want to add more accounts, it will not be that easy. To do this you must press the menu button at the top of the user interface to the left of the calendar. Once you’ve connected to a new account, Thunderbird 2020 places them in folders in a reliable and easy-to-read fashion, so you can easily use them at any time.


If you prefer a Google Calendar and want to add one to Thunderbird, this option is also available. Only they could only show there appointments, so do not edit or create new, but you need to download an extension called Provider for Google Calendar. It is a bit tedious but for users who like it it is feasible.

Thunderbird Download Review

And to improve your email app, simply select the “Add-ons” option in the main menu and you’re ready to download and install all sorts of extras you want. Incidentally, Thunderbird Download 2020 is set to become a completely independent project. Although it is already an excellent email client with all imaginable features, we are already looking forward to becoming independent and introducing new features.