TOGG CEO told us about the domestic car: domestic battery and charging under 30 minutes.

The preview of the impatiently awaiting TURKISH car took place in Turkey. “Turkish car” the spokesman and simultaneously CEO of TOGG Mr. Karakas said with “200 and 400 hp – two alternatives, rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive are supplied with energy. 500 km range and can be charged in less than 30 minutes, ”he said.

TOGG – Electric Car Inside


  TOGG CEO Gurcan Karakas said at the meeting: “The rules of the game are changing in the world. As the largest segment in the world, of which 95 percent is imported, we plan to complete the naming process of the brand in the middle of next year. We have the battery from scratch on newly developed. The vehicle has a holographic assistant. “

TOGG – Electric Car Backside


  TOGG President Rifat Hisarcıklıoglu said in his speech: “This time we will be successful with Allah’s permission. We made a promise to our President in May 2017. Others made fun of us. We founded the company in June 2018, others have laughed. It’s a long way but we’re here today. This is the pride of 82 million. The brand will be ours, the design will be ours. We sell licenses. We will not do montaje, we will have montaje made. We will not work for someone else’s patent. At least 22 billion lira will be invested in 15 years. At least 3.5 billion lira will be tied up. We will complete our plant in 2021. Hopefully our first vehicle will be off the assembly line in 2022 flow. We will break memorization. “