Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege


Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege

My According Informe there will be a boost of fame 50% for ‘Siege Rainbow Six Tom Clancy soon. However, since there is still no official announcement on the matter, which could still be a rumor. However, there is already news from “Siege Tom Clancy Rainbow Six: Operation Black Ice ‘next.

Many things happen on the franchise Tom Clancy; is first out of the beta this weekend, “The Division of Tom Clancy. Now many are anticipating the release of the next Rainbow Six Tom Clancy seat: Operation Black Ice ‘.

The next Operation Black Ice will be two new names of operators, Frost and Buck.

Recently, a set of images on the “Black Ice” operation was leaked on the internet through Reddit. The two operators; Frost and Buck are believed to be part of the Canadian Forces. New characters comes with new weapons and new abilities.

According to the leak, Frost is an operator who submits defense “mechanical trap to neutralize enemies.” The new operator can also use a Super 90 shotgun or pistol 9mm submachine C1.

Meanwhile, Buck capacity imply the ability to switch between “attachment shotgun under the barrel of his main weapon.” He can use C8 SFW assault rifle or sniper rifle CAMRS. Statistics 4 new weapons can be found on Imgur.

Despite the lack of ads, photographs leaks below seeks convincing. However, two new operators will be available next month, February 2nd, while there are rumors of a total of 8 operators being released this year.