Tor Browser Free Download 2016


Tor Browser Free Download 2016

Information about “Tor Browser” Bundle

Safety first on the Internet and is not only since the NSA affair a hot topic. If you want, for example, know that unauthorized pursue their own activities on the internet? This can be not only annoying, but also dangerous in the private sphere; eg if data is intercepted and abused. One way to counteract this is the free “Tor Browser 2016”. Thus even beginners quickly and easily surf anonymously, the tool is incorporated into a portable version of Firefox. So you can start directly without training. Install the package on a USB stick, you move on to any PC on the network incognito. The bundle is not only prevents recognize Third, from where you go on the internet. “Tor Browser Free Download 2016” – On request web data is backed up and created no browsing history.

In addition, browser plug-ins like Flash are disabled, preventing cookies and tracking. This was in- stalled Firefox Add-on HTTPS Everywhere ensures that automatically an encrypted HTTPS connection is established with the most important sites from Facebook to Google. In the privacy and security settings define manually how secure you want to surf the net. Tor Browser Free Download 2016 – This makes it possible, for example, JavaScript and HTML5 media disable by default.

The Tor Browser Bundle allows anonymous surfing on the internet with the open source browser Firefox.

Once you are on the web, you leave a lot of surfing traces. The “free Tor Browser” Bundle, including the Firefox browser prevents the, by bringing about the encrypted Tor network to the Internet.
Tor Browser Free Download 2016 – In addition to encryption functions via the Tor network, modified Firefox also has some practical security add-ons installed. Among other things, NoScript and HTTPS Everywhere.


The bundle offered here makes it possible to use Tor on a Windows system. Tor Browser Free Download 2016 – It is also portable use after installation on a USB stick.

Last changes “Tor Browser Download 2016”

In the new version 5.5, the latest Firefox ESR is used as a base. The modules included, among others HTTPS Everywhere, OpenSSL and NoScript have been updated and also numerous bugs have been fixed.