Virtual DJ 2016


Virtual DJ 2016

The free DJ tool “Virtual DJ 2016” offers a virtual console and is available immediately in the largely extended version 8 for download.

Club “DJ”s with record cases are rare in this day and age. Instead hundredweight vinyl, it is sufficient that is now, a laptop with well-stocked MP3 selection for the evening while having.

Mix by Virtual DJ 2016

In order to mix still not lose quality, good digital conversions are the alpha and omega “Virtual DJ” may as well be considered successful.

The program Virtual DJ 2016 not only mix your songs via crossfader wild out, but this same confidence thanks BPM display with each other. Various samples and sound effects are also available to einzuheizen powerful at a party. True professionals also use the loop function to provide transitions even more sophistication.


A special icing is the ability to transfer songs in the so-called scratch function via timecode on special plates and continue to mix on the turntables. Virtual DJ 2016 – However, special hardware is required for this real vinyl feel. Process in reverse can be characterized but also digitize the been dusted record collection.


Last changes

“Virtual DJ” holds in Version 8 numerous innovations ready and also comes in aufgefrischtem Design. Amateur DJs can look forward to the new Sandbox mode: When enabled, you can skip to the end of the current track and on the headphones already rehearsing the perfect transition, while the music continues for the audience. Virtual DJ 2016 significantly upgraded also was the sample player, which can now play as many samples simultaneously.

Virtual DJ 2016 – Also under the hood, the developers have screwed: A completely redesigned audio engine promises better quality when using EQ, Limiter, filters and effects.