Wasteland 3- 2020

Wasteland 3- 2020
Wasteland 3- 2020

Wasteland 3- 2020

A new development of InXile Entertainment. The game is expected to be launched in spring 2020. Wasteland 3 runs on the PC, the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. Also known is the length of the game of over 50 hours.

Features and improvements

Wasteland 3 integrates the game’s voice-over feature and radio content. These radio content partly hide tasks for them, including new missions.

This Wasteland 3 2020 part takes place in Colorado and therefore has a nice atmosphere, especially thanks to the inclusion of snow and heavy snowfall.

In Wasteland 3 2020, you drive along a series of snow-covered trails with your Kodiak armored truck. Once you reach your goal, the fight starts with your Kodiak. Then they will also be able to see the extended details of the game, including character models, terrain and buildings.


Much of the improvements, in fact, affect the usability of the Wasteland 3 2020.

The fight to victory

InXile has improved the use of characters and combat at Wasteland 3 2020 using shared inventory. That is, characters no longer have separate inventories, but the sharing of ammunition, eliminating the need to worry about weapons or battle armor during the Wasteland 3 2020 game.

Also, at Wasteland 3 2020, they no longer have to resort to another character to disarm their opponent, because the ability to do so appears automatic.

The battles at Wasteland 3 2020 are based on traditional tactical approaches in which you and your enemies take turns. In the game, they will see different paths from which they can choose which one to go. Each way leads to a different challenge and reward, of course it is also possible to go back the way.

In Wasteland 3 2020 you are also free to choose what you will have in the game for a position. So they can either fight against Vic Buchanan and his bodyguards or be one of them by proving to Vic.

So Wasteland 3 2020 will be a game in which you decide which side you play on. Becoming one of Vics, the terrible and experienced fighter, or even fighting that Brutal Leader. It is up to the player on which side he wants to play Wasteland 3 2020.