Watch Dogs Legion 2020


Watch Dogs Legion 2020

The series of Watch Dogs has had no boastful past over the years. The first game of the series was a bit unsatisfactory and the second remained on the shelves of the markets. But Ubisoft has done everything this time to make the new Watch Dogs: Legion 2020 a hit. With the help of new options, the developer wants to show that they have learned from past mistakes.

In Watch Dogs: Legion you will be able to assemble your own army of hackers. You can do that by finding out what they are all about as members and helping them with their problems. Theoretically, it may sound sneaky, but in the implementation, it is an appealing tactic. At Gamescom 2019 we had the opportunity to play Watch Dogs: Legion for about 20 minutes, in this short time the game has left us feeling pretty good.


If you know and play Watch Dogs 2 from the past few years, Legion 2020 instantly recognizes that both have the same conditional features. In the new, the view of the user interface is much nicer, otherwise it will feel familiar.

Watch Dogs The Game

In Watch Dogs Legion 2020, they can not be expected to be enlightened about a mission, they are simply dropped off in the middle of the open Watch Dogs Legion world. When we tested the game, the first thing we did was hack a car to make it fly backwards. While instructions in the Watch Dogs explain how the controller works, our mission was already accomplished. From this you can understand how natural the control of the Legion is.

The next thing we did was hack a civilian. An instruction has appeared on the screen. Press and hold RB to “track” or tap to save. By completing the first option, a new goal came up for us. Now we should help this person who was blackmailed to find out her name.

After that, of course, we have hijacked the closest car and drove like wild to the finish. As we alighted, we noticed a pedestrian whom we had apparently injured. The game Watch Dogs has warned us that if we hurt people or kill them it can affect our family and friends. It seems that this feature was purposely created in Watch Dogs: Legion 2020 to prevent people from driving around like crazy in reality.

After our brief experience, we can say that Watch Dogs: Legion has a lot to offer. The developers have worked hard for mechanisms and special abilities. Definitely, the gaming experience will be more dynamic than ever.