Winamp 2020


Winamp 2020

Winamp 2020 is one of the oldest and still most popular media players. The software offers users the ability to play many file formats and is therefore always preferred.


Winamp 2020 Features

Winamp contains many functions and also supports a large number of file formats. Winamp offers users the option of playing music, films, audio CDs, online radio, podcasts and TV streams. In addition to playing them, she can also manage them. Users can manage the Winamp 2020 files by, for example, storing online music data or video content in personal playlists.

Apart from that, Winamp 2020 allows you to burn CDs. You can burn content to CDs using Winamp Music, but you must be aware that the content you want to burn is approved for it. You can also rip music to your PC. More on that will follow.

Winamp 2020 supported formats

For sound files: AAC, AIF, OGG, M4A, MIDI, WAV, MP3, RA and WMA

For video files: MKV, DIVX, AVI, WMV, VCD, FLV, XVID and WEBM

Managing audio and video files with Winamp

With Winamp, audio and video files can be organized very easily. Winamp 2020 enables you to organize your multimedia files in a media library. You can categorize the files by category and then by more specific properties. In Winamp 2020 the files can be categorized according to producer, release date, album and much more detailed information. This gives users an overview of their files and can therefore optimize their use.

Listen to the radio with Winamp 2020

You can also use Winamp to listen to online radio. You can bookmark your favorite station. This is useful for quickly finding the station again. With Winamp you get access to ordered radio stations by genre. Among the many radio stations, it is more convenient for the application if they are sorted.

Rip songs from CDs with Winamp 2020

Ripping means that CD content can be saved on the PC. The fastest way to do this is with the paid version of Winamp 2020, but also with the free version only that it is slower.


Winamp plug-in extensions

You can extend the software with plug-ins. These are additional functions that are sometimes used for extended use. Fortunately, like the Winamp 2020 software, you can also download these plug-ins free of charge.