Windows Media Player 2016


Windows Media Player 2016

The new edition of “Windows Media Player 2016” offers a new design and many features.

Microsoft has “Windows Media Player 2016” released its final version in. The multimedia player has a completely revised user interface that is very similar to the Vista theme. In addition, the new edition cover artwork and song information provides.

The “Windows Media Player” converts music files with surround sound now to the WMA Pro format by pressing a button. Data is to be exchanged easily with mobile devices via the integrated synchronization function.

Microsoft’s “Media Player” has integrated access to online music service “URGE” in the player. Therefore the user can relate songs directly from the tool.


About Windows Media Player

In addition to playing music and videos on your computer and on the Internet the Windows “Media Player” Microsoft has to offer other interesting features: converting (“ribs”) audio CDs to MP3 format, integrated burning function for audio CDs and a display of information about artists and songs. In addition, many mobile devices are supported.

A search function for music and video files and manage Internet radio stations provide clarity in the multimedia collection on the computer. Kind: The song can also be provided with album images that transferred the program from the Internet. Windows Media Player 2016 – Optical effects during music playback and the appearance of the program can be set individually.

“Windows Media Player 2016” checked during installation the authenticity of your operating system. For users of Win 98 / Me / 2000 of compatible Windows Media Player 9 is still available for download.

Conclusion of Windows Media Player 2016: In the fashionable new Vista design the media player makes a really good figure. Also under the hood is the new music library-a great feature added. Although the All-player VLC media player does not look pretty, but can it pretty much play all multimedia formats.