Yandex Browser Download 2020


Yandex Browser Download 2020

Although most people probably do not know about Yandex Browser Download 2020, it’s worth mentioning as this search engine of the Russian Internet company holds fifth place in the world. It has a pretty interesting, built by the company own structure. The Yandex Browser Download is a Webkit-based product that uses the Chromium open source project code and features borrowed from Opera. The company intends to become a direct competitor of the big names of the browser market with Yandex Browser Download 2020. You can now use Yandex’s proprietary browser to search for programs.

Yandex Browser Download 2020 is in principle too easy to find, but it is not, because there is little talk about it in the media for political reasons. First, there is the American industry that must be protected from the enemy; secondly, Yandex’s domestic product is mainly used to source the Russian market.

The installation is very easy, you can choose between, the option Yandex Browser Download 2020 as the default browser and the anonymous usage data sent to the company, which we already know. This is followed by the installation, during the test all our Firefox settings were imported, including the currently opened tabs, admirably it has not affected Internet Explorer at all.


it has everything you would expect from a modern browser and even more. For example, it offers an automatic translation in just nine languages, an intuitive Smartbox a-la-Awesome bar and the corresponding Chrome search, a Tableu, as well as the Opera Turbo technology. Downloads are scanned by Kaspersky’s anti-virus cloud scanner, however needless it actually gives users a sense of security.

Yandex Browser 2020

Even if you have Yandex Browser Download 2020 installed in English and you have set English as the system language, for example, Yandex Browser Download still offers to translate the pages, which may be annoying for some, for others funny to see English not offered as standard language here.

In general, it would be difficult for you to distinguish Chrome Browser from Yandex Browser Download 2020 because the settings menu is the same except Chrome’s cogwheel, including all the small details. At Yandex, the system settings gear wheel is placed at the edge of the window rather than in Chrome, to the right of the address bar.


Yandex Browser Download has a good look and is a very fast browser. But it just has too much of Chrome in it, that might not even bother her. At the moment, Yandex is pretty good on the whole, but more should be worked on to compete with the best. If the company achieves it too.