Yandex Browser Free Download 2016


Yandex Browser Free Download 2016

The Russian Google competitor Yandex has published the “Yandex Browser” its own web browser.

As a basis for the browser used as well as Google Chrome, the open source project Chromium. The similarity to Google’s browser already falling at the first start of “Yandex Browser” on.

Thus, the address bar also acts at the Russian web browser both as an input field for Internet addresses as well as a search box – depending on your choice either with or Google as default search engine.

Additional features include an integrated virus scanner, which is supposed to protect against malicious software and malware. About the Yandex button in the navigation bar will take you directly to the Yandex site. A click on the plus icon you often indicates visited websites and also offers quick access to incurred Downloads and your browsing history.